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                                                                                 COVID-19 Emergency Plan

 Considering the public health emergency situation in DFW area due to COVID-19 outbreak and the importance of social distancing, we have come up with the few guidelines for doctor visits and existing allergy shot patient visits.

        These were developed based on the recommendations from American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) and CDC and considering the fact that we have many patients with immune-deficiencies, chronic lung conditions, and elderly patients who are at high risk if exposed to COVID-19 virus. Following are the guidelines -


  Doctor visits :                                                             

1.       For patients who may have been exposed to COVID19 coronavirus (air travel within the last 14 days or exposure to someone under investigation or diagnosed with coronavirus) and have fever over 100.4, body aches, fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, cold like symptoms should call their PCP or go to the ER. Please call the ER before you go in, so they are prepared.  There is no testing available for coronavirus in our clinic and please do not come in.

2.       For patients who may have been exposed to coronavirus (air travel within the last 14 days or exposure to someone under investigation or diagnosed with coronavirus) and are not having any symptoms, please self-quarantine yourselves at home. This includes patients who are currently receiving allergy shots also. We will work with you on resuming shots on a safer dose at a safer time. Please seek immediate medical attention if you start becoming symptomatic.
3.       Please call us if you would like to reschedule your appointment at 972 521 3366.

4.       Please note that there is now a community level spread in DFW area.  Avoid close contact less than 6 feet with other people even when they do not appear to be sick.

5.       Patients on allergy shots who have not had any likely exposure to COVID19 virus in the past 2 weeks can come in at this time for shots. Patient on allergy shots, please refer to another document under resources tab- pertaining specifically to allergy shot treatment continuation.

6.          We will be screening all patients coming in for routine appointments by phone prior to your appointment to make sure you are not in the at- risk group for COVID -19 at the time of your visit. We will do this screening once again upon check in. Based on your risk level, your appointment might be rescheduled to another convenient time. Most appointments are being converted to tele-visits which is what is being recommended currently to minimize the risk of acquiring and spreading the infection. Please work with us for the safety of everyone.

7.       Visits should be limited to the primary patient only and a caregiver if needed. Additional family members should remain at home or in the car to limit their exposure to illness in the clinic.

8.       All patients arriving in the clinic are requested to immediately clean their hands with hand cleanser and encouraged to do so again upon leaving the clinic.

9.   We are rescheduling allergy testing, breathing tests and other elective procedures based on the recommendations from CDC/ AAAAI/ ACAAI.

10.   We are wiping down exam rooms after each patient visit.  We are not encouraging hand shaking. Our staff will be wearing masks at all times.

11. Please also note that we can be short staffed depending on the day care availability for the staff member’s children or depending on staff member’s health. Please work with us.

12. Please check with the Collin County Health Department (972-548-4707) for the latest updates on COVID-19 in DFW area at .

Allergy Shot Visits : 

Note that our shot hours may be reduced or canceled based on the evolving situation. Please check this site for latest hours. 

Allergen immunotherapy role is mainly for long term better control of allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis and allergic asthma. At this moment we all understand that priority is avoiding unnecessary contact. Please be reassured as always, we will work with you in continuing your allergy shot treatment in a safe and effective way. There are guidelines in place for these types of unforeseen circumstances which allow for some margin on missed doses/ missed intervals. We will be following those for the time being.

If you are over 65 years of age or have underlying heart disease, immune deficiency, diabetes, COPD, or uncontrolled asthma, we recommend you not come in for your allergy shot at this time. This also applies if you are taking immune suppressant medications.

Criteria to receive allergy shots-

1.Like always, it’s extremely important to receive your allergy shots only when you are feeling fully well


2. not have had fever, body aches, fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, cold like symptoms, colored drainage,


3. your allergy symptoms and asthma are under control


4. you should have taken an oral antihistamine at least 2 hours before coming in for allergy shot.


5. not had any air travel within the last 14 days


6. not been exposed to someone under investigation or diagnosed with coronavirus


Regarding the dosing interval-

Patients on maintenance dose and on every 4- week interval will stay on the same.
Patients on build-up phase who are coming in weekly and have not had any reaction thus far- you will stay on the same dose and you can come in at 3- week intervals. This allows us to not drop the dose and having to restart at a lower dose. We will resume the build-up from that dose once the pandemic situation gets better. This will help minimize the number of visits and thus lessen the risk of catching or spreading the infection.
Patients who don’t fall into either of the above criteria i.e. those who have frequent reactions, or those who have been on other dosing intervals, or those who are having other conditions/ medications which can interfere with allergen immunotherapy etc.- please note that we will customize the schedule and dose for you.
Please feel free to email us at for any individual questions pertaining to your allergy shot treatment regimen. Since there can be high call volume and we don’t want to miss this important communication regarding dosing, please email. Please do not ask any specific dosing/ schedule related questions on FB as it’s not HIPAA compliant and we don’t check it regularly.
You will wait in their car after the shot for 30 minutes and return into the office for check out or any possible reaction. The pollen counts are high and there is higher risk in spring for allergy shot reactions.
Those of you whose allergies and asthma are not under control, please call the office at 972-521-3366 to set up a tele-visit appointment. You will be asked to come in and be seen only if deemed necessary by Dr Sridhara


Thank you for your cooperation, stay safe!

Allergy Asthma & Immunology Center

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