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Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Center for Adults and Children

Srividya Sridhara, MD

We were having issues with my son's asthma inhaler and Dr. Sridhara was able to work us in quickly. She listened intently even though it was at the end of a long work day and we left with a treatment plan in place. If you need an allergy/asthma doctor, I strongly recommend her.

​December 12, 2019•Angelia T.                                ***** 

Dr Srividya answers each and every concern of yours and she is an amazing doctor.

​​December 11, 2019• Karthik P.                               *****  

Excellent, professional, thorough care.

December 6, 2019•Heath S.                                     *****

Dr. Sridhara listens attentively and addresses noted issues. She is very patient and thorough. Office staff are friendly and helpful also.

December 3, 2019•Susan S.                                      *****

Dr. Sridhara is great and the staff is friendly and professional. I highly recommended her for treatment of both allergies and asthma. She does a great job of communicating treatment plans and she explains very well all treatment decisions. For kids or adults, I highly recommend Dr. Sridhara!

November 20, 2019•James B.                                  *****

Short lead time. Very professional and very amiable consultation. Treatment worked like a charm, thanks to the quick diagnosis by Dr.Srividya.

November 13, 2019•Srinivasa R.                            *****

Professional and respectful as always.

November 6, 2019•Initials hidden                         *****

She was very good, she asked lots of questions to get all the information about my sinus problems. I really liked her and she had good suggestions to go for ward with my cure for my problem.

October 2, 2019•Carolyn L.                                     *****

Dr Sridhara was very professional and took the time to check my son's rashes and hives, explained everything.

August 29, 2019•Joshua M.                                      *****

She is my husband and my daughters doctor. She is amazing and very astute. My husband sees her for his allergies and my daughter sees her for allergies, asthma and immunities. They both love her.

August 9, 2019•Annabelle I.                                   *****

A very good experience and professional.

Less than 6 months ago•Initials hidden              *****

I personally commended her for taking the time to explain her diagnosis and test results in layman's terms, much more so than most doctors. She shows sincere compassion and respect and listens to what you have to say! Has a sense of humor as well! I could not be more pleased with my experience.

July 9, 2019•Glyn R.                                               *****

The best experience I've ever had with a doctor!. Dr.Shrdhara showed her concerns and care about all my health issues. She took her time with explaining step by step about my tests results and answered all of my questions without feeling rushed ( which is my usuall experience with doctors). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Sridhara!!!

June 6, 2019•Irina B.                                           *****

Dr. Sridhara is fantastic. She explains everything carefully, but not condescendingly. Does not seem rushed/hurried at all, she took her time to understand my allergy/asthma issues and come up with a plan.

Less than 1 year ago•Robert C.                       *****

Engaged, inquisitive and thoughtful.

April 10, 2019•Temesha E.                                *****

Dr. Sridhara saw my daughter after my daughter reacted to something she ate while waiting for her flight at iFLY. This reaction caused a rush to the ER. Dr. Sridhara asked all kinds of questions and ended up testing my daughter for only what she felt needed. We knew my daughter had only a small handful of trail mix, and sure enough, the reaction was from a cashew! Dr. Sridhara explained to us everything we needed to do in order to avoid this again. She was very detailed and made sure we left understanding everything she talked to us about. She was very thorough.

April 7, 2019•Tajuana B.                                   *****

Always a pleasure seeing dr Srividya and feel that she cares. Highly recommended.

Less than 6 months ago•Initials hidden        *****

Pleasant staff, thorough consult.

March 13, 2019•Flo L.                                        *****

Very nice and friendly broke everything down so I could fully understand and assured me that she would fix my daughters problem

March 13, 2019•Janel G.                                   *****

I'm always satisfied when I'm finished seeing the Dr. She covers everything and it clear on what she wants me to do. It seems like we have known each other for a long time. I have been going to her for about 8 mo. I highly recommend her.

March 8, 2019•Don G.                                     *****

Dr Sridhara has a collaborative bedside manner. She listens closely to what I say and takes my input into consideration in the treatment. She is among the best doctors I have seen.

February 5, 2019•Sandra C.                            *****

She is the best! Really cares about her patients and takes a lot of time with you and explains test results in detail. So glad I found her. I highly recommend Dr Sridhara.

November 30, 2018•Cheryl V.                        *****

Was very pleased with my initial consultation. She was very thorough, explained things well, and exceeded my overall expectations. I highly recommend.

October 31, 2018•Candice W.                        *****

Doctor Srividya was thorough and took the time to provide me notes on everything she was telling me (she was writing on the beack of my test results as she was talking). and the nurse was friendly enough. The scratch tests were ridiculously expensive, but that was probably more a function of my crappy insurance than anything. No complaints about the doctor.

More than 1 year ago•Initials hidden           *****

She is simply the best. So attentive and knows her stuff. Always receive a good explanation or answer to any procedure or question I may have. This past visit, our son experienced a rare reaction to an allergy shot. She and her staff immediately tended to his needs and administered what he needed to be stabilized. All is well. Highly recommend her and her clinic.

September 6, 2018•Heidi G.                            *****

So pleased with Dr. Sridhara! She addressed every question we had. I am happy we found her!

August 29, 2018•Rosalyn M.                            *****

Dr. Sridhara is very patient and very thorough. I was diagnosed with asthma and had been tested for various environmental and skin allergies. She explained how I can improve on my allergic symptoms going forward. I would highly recommend her.

August 27, 2018•Christina S.                          *****

She really takes the time to hear your concerns.

More than 1 year ago•Lorena L.                     *****

Great physician. She listens and cares. Office staff is outstanding as well. Great find

August 2, 2018•Debbie P.                                *****

Both Dr. Sridhara and her support staff were very good to deal with. My son has anxiety when it comes to doctor's office and potential tests and they handled his worries with great compassion and grace. I would definitely recommend her to others!

July 29, 2018•Jamie M.                                    *****

I have had strong allergies to everything around me, you name it, since early childhood, and a bunch of related gastro and breathing and dental issues. I have been eliminating stuff and vising doctors since i was 8 years old. After visiting Doctor Srividya, it took about a year and a half to get to the bottom of it, maybe still not all the way there. Shots helped a lot from day one, but that was far from all. Doctor Srividya was very kind and clear on what we are doing and why and how we are figuring out all the symptoms and the true causes, and how to cure the allergies and all related issues altogether. I never thought that this is curable in the first place. And I have never in my life encountered such a kind, caring and up-front doctor. I would put ten stars on here if I could.

July 27, 2018•Anton C.                                  *****

She is very thorough and knowledgeable.

March 29, 2018•Rosario O.                          *****

She is an amazing doctor. She was attentive and made me feel that she truly cares about the way I feel. For once I feel like, with her guidance and treatment , I am going to get to cause of my health issues.

March 27, 2018•Juliet L.                                *****

Dr. Sridhara was helpful, knowledgeable, and great!

March 22, 2018•Tracy B.                               *****

Dr. Sridhara is always so patient and takes time to explain everything to me about my breathing problems. I am so glad I found a good doctor that doesn't make you feel rushed out of room for your appointment. She's the Best!

March 7, 2018•Ronnie S.                                 *****

Highly recommended.

January 26, 2018•Brandon R.                          *****

So far 2 visits and no wait time. Doctor is very knowledgable and discuss all the treatment plan very well.

December 13, 2017•Ravindra S.                     *****

Dr. Sridhara sees both of my kids and now myself - each for different reasons. She is amazing with my kids! She is very patient and understanding. She explains everything (and writes it down for me -my kids are usually loud, so this is so helpful) and makes sure to answer any questions that I may have. She listens and is very caring. She even called me, herself, with my son's test results! I highly recommend Dr. Sridhara!

December 8, 2017•Jennifer S.                         *****

Dr. Sridhara is very thorough and kind. We have found her to be one of the best doctors we have ever seen. She cares and always verifies that we understand our next steps.

November 26, 2017•Initials hidden                *****

Dr. Sridhara was very knowledgeable and did great with my infant son. Would definitely recommend!

November 22, 2017•Emily D.                           *****

Love Dr. Sridhara, she has made such a difference in my quality of life. My allergies are so much better.

November 15, 2017•Amanda T.                      *****

Dr. Sridhara is an awesome doctor that takes time to explain everything concerning my symptoms and diagnosis. She is very personable and I am glad to have found her. I will continue to use Dr. Sridhara for my health needs.

October 20, 2017•Ronnie S.                             *****

Very nice and informative. Will definitely be seeing her again to follow-up on my allergies.

October 20, 2017•Vatira A.                               *****

Very informative and friendly!

October 13, 2017•Kelly O.                                 *****

I really liked her. Took time with me & was a good listener. Extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.

October 12, 2017•Cheryl V.                              *****

Dr. Sridhara is fantastic she got to the root of the problem regarding my path to recovery after suffering an allergic reaction. Great staff, no wait time I'm happy.

September 25, 2017•Candace D.                    *****

The doc patiently explained about my problem and the solution. The sample cream that she provided made me feel better immediately

August 4, 2017•Anitha V.                                  *****

very knowledgeable

July 24, 2017•Huy N.                                          *****

It was a great visit. Allergy tests were performed and findings discussed. Nothing new was found, that would affect my routine life. Overall, the tests did not reveal anything unusual that would have helped me to overcome the problems I have NOW.

June 14, 2017•Peri B.                                        *****

She has helped my symptoms more on my first visit than some other physicians have in numerous visits. I was very impressed with Dr. Sridhara.

May 11, 2017•Linda B.                                     *****

I am forever grateful for her care of my son over the past 3 years. Dr.Sridhara quickly treated my son following an anaphylaxis episode and I would highly recommend her! She is very caring and thorough with my child's treatment and care. Not to mention she was quick to offer education to my family and to comfort to my scared little boy.

May 11, 2017•Lisa G.                                        *****

She was very thorough spent a lot of time with us!

May 8, 2017•Miles H.                                        *****

Dr. Sridhara is awesome! She's so sweet! And she has wonderful bedside manner!April 18, 2017•Kimberly K.                                                                          *****

The visit went well. Dr. Sridhara is very nice and she explains everything very well including methods of treatment for allergies, etc. I like seeing her!

March 31, 2017•Kimberly K.                          *****

Dr. Sridhara shows compassion and understanding toward my teenager's concerns.

More than 1 year ago•Susan A                     *****

Dr. Sridhara was very professional, attentive, and informative. Her medical assistance was just as professional.

Gerod WJanuary 17, 2017•Gerod W.            *****

Dr. Sridhara was very knowledgeable. comprehensive and caring. I felt that I could trust her clinical judgment and recommendations.

January 13, 2017•Trang K.                              *****

Dr Sridhara was very patient and thoroughly explain the procedure to me so I can understand and have a choice in selecting my treatment. Her staffs are also very helpful, friendly, and proficient.

January 11, 2017•Kim T.                                *****

Dr. Sridhara is very committed to your well-being. She goes above and beyond to look up any information needed. She listens very well to your concerns. She makes you feel comfortable and is very friendly. My kids and I go to her. I am happy I found her and would recommend her.

Chantel H                                                       *****

Dr Sridhara is great and the staff was very nice. Dr Sridhara was very professional, clear with her treatment plan and caring. She took her time listening to my issues and explained the treatment process thoroughly. I wished I knew about her sooner!

More than 1 year ago•Initials hidden          *****

I loved Dr. Sridhara she is the best. I was so afraid to introduce my son to a new provider due to previous experiences we've had. She did great with my kids I highly recommend her. She explains everything and does not rush the visit. He medical staff is also great.

More than 1 year ago•Angela G                     *****

My visit was very thorough. I feel completely satisfied by her assessment and prognosis. I arrived 20 minutes early to complete the paperwork, but had to wait about another 45 minutes longer before seeing her. She is worth the wait. I wish they had WiFi since I brought my work computer and could have utilized that time more efficiently.

December 29, 2016•Wendi W.                          *****

She is the first doctor I feel like really cares about my health and helping me feel better! She has proposed treatment that I have never been offered in the past! I would recommend her to anyone!!

November 16, 2016•Sierra C.                           *****

Dr. Sridhara is great. The staff in the office have always been courteous and kind. Highly recommend local allergist in Murphy.

More than 1 year ago•Michael A.                     *****

Dr. Sridhara is an excellent doctor. I went to her based on our outstanding reviews online and found they were well deserved! I am so disappointed when I go to a doctor and feel rushed and like the doctor does not care. This was not the case at all with Dr. Sridhara- I felt like she really cared and took her time to answer questions, review results and really help me figure out what's going on. Highly recommend her!

October 17, 2016•Kerri Z.                                   *****

Everyone was very pleasant. Srividya was very knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. She really took the time to listen to our concerns and was a genuinely nice Doctor. I would definitely recommend her.

October 17, 2016•Karie P                                  *****

Dr. Srividya cared about my concerns and addressed every one of them. She was very thorough in her research and testing to ensure we got to the root of things. She is very kind and professional. It's far and few between these days to find a doctor this good in all ways. Thank you!

More than 1 year ago•Carla H.                             *****

Dr Sridhara is easy to talk to, helped to keep me on track. She asked enough questions to assure me she was paying attention and listening.

More than 1 year ago•Iona P.                            *****

Dr. Sridhara is always very friendly and helpful. Even though my allergies aren't considered "normal", she does her best to take her time to work with me and try and figure out how to find a cure, which I highly appreciate! :)

September 15, 2016•James P                            *****

It was a great experience, her staff support was very professional and personable. Dr. Sridhara was great and my 5 yr old asked if we can come back to see her (This was our first visit). Overall a great experience and would highly recommend to people.

September 9, 2016•Duc N                                   *****

There aren't any complaints to be made here. She is quite professional and very patient to answer questions. The front office staff is very professional and always try to do their best to remedy any kind of situations that may arise as a result of your visit.

June 22, 2016• Aaron D.                                     *****

Dr Srividhya, Dr Srividhya is a brilliant doctor. If you want a quick fix, she is not for you. She tests everything, no guesswork. If you have been wandering in the wilderness of incompetent doctors that tell you that you are fine when you know you are not, Dr Srividhya is like an oasis in the Saharra. I highly recommend "Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Center".

June 21, 2016•Dilip P.                                            *****

She is fantastic! She is so thorough and knowledgeable. She has helped with my kids allergies where others were missing the mark. We have been seeing her for about a year and I have had no complaints.

June 17, 2016•Heidi G.                                         *****

Dr. Srividya is an excellent doctor. She could identify the issues perfectly and able to help me with treatment. The office is very good, team work is great. I am really impressed !

April 19, 2016•Vasanth S.                                    *****

Dr. Sridhar, explained my test results in a manner I could understand. Did not rush me answered all my questions. I would highly recommend her.

More than 1 year ago•Janet D.                           *****

My visit with Dr. Sridhara was a pleasant and well informed one. She was timely and answered all my questions. She comes highly recommended her & her staff are to be highly commended.

March 10, 2016•Joyce S.                                      *****

Very professional reception staff. Wait time was 5 mins - and it was not just me - all the other pts seemed to wait very little. The Doctor was very professional, took time to listen and explained everything in detail. She made my daughter feel very comfortable.

February 29, 2016•Kranti P.                             *****

She was very thorough and answered all my questions. She was very gentle with my son and treated him so well that he was all better the next week!

December 20, 2015•Thomas M.                     *****

Dr. Sridhara was very helpful for me on this day. I came in for allergy shots, but since I explained that I wasn't feeling well, her assistant discovered that I had a fever and other symptoms. Thankfully, Dr. Sridhara decided not to give me the shots, but was patient in diagnosing my present illness and providing me with the medicine and knowledge to recover. :)

November 10, 2015•James P.                         *****

I came away with believing a lot of what she said. I was also surprised at the things she informed me that I did not know... about a cough that lingers.

September 30, 2015•Barbara M.                  *****

I'm a cancer Victor. Been with the best of many kinds of Doctors to state Doctors. I'm very particular of my doctors as my life is in their hands. I have had only one other doctor who went great links to help me and actually saved my life in my 40ties. She cares about what the cause is of why I'm Ill and does not just treat the symptoms. From Seattle to Texas she is indeed one of the best doctors I've ever know. I feel very blessed after suffering for so many years that She was put in my path to help me. She is very thorough, great attitude, listens, doesn't rush our appointment. If you want to know why your suffering and sick and don't just want a pill to cover up what the real problem is then she is who you want to put your care into her hands. Because she ives up to her oath and finds out the cause. I couldn't be more impressed . On top of being the best. She is very humble while being so informed, intelligent and extremely knowledgeable in everything that she's doing. She is a 10star plus in all areas. Make your appointment today.

August 31, 2015•Diane B.                             *****

I thought Dr. Sridhara explained everything very well. She gladly answered all of my questions, and I felt very comfortable with her. She has a very comforting bedside manner.

August 27, 2015•Nicole J.                            *****

Dr. Sridhara was very kind and made sure all my questions were answered before I left. She took the time to explain the allergies to me making me more knowledgeable about what was going on and the process so I can get better.

August 20, 2015•Naomi G.                        *****

Dr. Sridhara took time to thoroughly explain my allergies and options for treatment. I have confidence in her abilities and her office staff is very polite as well. I would recommend her office to anyone needing her type of services.

August 18, 2015•John T.                              *****

Dr. Sridhara has a great bedside manner. She explains everything thoroughly and her office staff is very polite as well. She took time to answer all of my questions and did not make me feel rushed.

August 7, 2015•Hannah T.                           *****

Dr. Sridhara and her office staff are very polite and efficient. There was not a long wait and she took plenty of time to answer all of my questions. She gave thorough explanations and was very kind.

August 7, 2015•Michelle T.                         *****

Her office staff is very nice and she was extremely nice. She was very informative and she listened to everything I had to say and explained herself thoroughly. She was very respectful, not condescending, and very nice. Love her!

August 3, 2015•Julie C.                                 *****

I would highly recommend Dr. Sridhara. She is thorough in her work, and explicit in her explanation and recommendations. She is gentle and thoughtful and very professional in her treatment. I have only praise for Dr. Sridhara and her wonderful staff.

August 1, 2015•Silvia D.                               *****

Dr. Sridhara was incredibly informative and thorough. I was looking for a new allergist for my daughter, as her previous allergist would not do food allergy testing. My daughter had lip swelling and hives on her hand, so I found Dr. Sridhara to evaluate her. She told us so much more about allergies than we had ever been told. She did food allergy testing that day and we found that my daughter had 7 food allergies. I recommend her highly. She takes time to understand the individual.

July 20, 2015•Delaney M.                           *****

Very attentive, clear and educational. Laid out everything concisely and in a helpful manner. Explained my test results and set expectations moving forward.

July 13, 2015•Jay Y.                                    *****

Dr Sridhara listened to every word when I spoke with her. Her attention, concern, diagnosis and treatment plan were professionally and personally outstanding. Best physician I have ever seen in my 47 years....

July 10, 2015•Debra D.                              *****

Dr. Sridhara was very thorough in asking and discussing the problems and treatment. She spent a lot of time with me. I really liked her.

July 9, 2015•Abby C.                                  *****

Dr Sridhara was excellent and very thorough. She spent enough time to get all the information needed and make sure I understood the issues and what we need to do to address them. I would definitely recommend her if you are in need of a very professional, friendly allergist.

June 25, 2015•Deborah T.                              *****

I was pleasantly surprised with the level of Dr. Sridhara's patience, knowledge and interest on my first visit. The allergy test was relatively painless and Dr. S was very thorough in explaining everything that I wanted to know. :)

June 11, 2015•James P.                                  *****

Dr. Sridhara is always very courteous and very professional. She explains everything for my 14 yo daughter so that she easily understand what is going on with allergies. We NEVER have to wait long in the waiting room and have always had great communication with the staff as well.

More than 1 year ago•Karin B.                       *****

Ms. Sridhara was excellent. She explained everything very thoroughly and really seemed to care. She knew that I had driven pretty far out of my way because of all of her amazing reviews and she did not disappoint. I will be going back later this week for allergy testing and then once a week for shots.

March 30, 2015•Sara S.                                   *****

Dr. Sridhara was so patient and thorough during my appointments. After 12 years of seeing multiple doctors and spending thousands on useless medications, I finally have an answer to my problem. I can't thank her enough.

More than 1 year ago•Initials hidden                  *****

From the front desk to seeing the doctor, their service was excellent. I was having a very bad allergy episode that made me left work early. I decided to stop by their office, which is in my neighborhood. Dr. Sridhara saw me when I was trying to make an appointment for the next day, and she decided to see me right away. I was so flared up that she thought It wouldn't be ok for me to wait another day. That showed me the kind of professional she is. Overall, my visit to Dr. Sridhara was an excellent experience.

February 12, 2015•Initials hidden                       *****

Dr Sridhara provides excellent patient care. She is thorough and has a very pleasing "bedside manner." Her office staff our pleasant, courteous and very effecient.

February 11, 2015•Vickie K.                                   *****

1st visit to Dr. Sridhara on 1/12/15 Office staff was warm and friendly , The medical assistant was very attentive . Dr. Sridhara was very through in examining me. She took the time required to understand my medical history and I felt she was genuinely interested in finding a solution to my allergy issues.

January 12, 2015•Kurt G.

She is thorough, kind, clear, corrects/informs diplomatically, extremely qualified, and I expect she will get to the bottom of my new (age 62) and severe issues.

More than 1 year ago•Initials hidden                    *****

We love Dr. Sridhara and would follow her anywhere!!! She has been the only Dr to diagnose our family correctly, after lifetime illnesses had set in 10-36 years prior. Auto-Immune treatments have saved our familes health and family relationship. Truly a blessing all around!! Thank you, Lord!!

October 20, 2014•Kelly S.                                        *****

Loved this doctor! She is very attentive, checking on me frequently during my allergy test. She even answered the phone on a Sunday once, even though they were closed, ready to help and ask how I'm feeling since a sinus infection. She explained everything well making sure I understand causes, treatments. She really fixed my sinus trouble. Great doctor, I think I found a gem!

September 6, 2014•Cathy E.                                     *****

Dr. Sridhara is an awesome doctor!! I would recommend her to anyone!! I have been totally happy with her; and her office and nursing staff are great as well. I really don't think I have been this pleased with a doctor for years.

More than 1 year ago•Initials hidden                      *****

This was my first appointment, but Dr Sridhara seemed to really listen to my issues and addressed them all with a systematic, easy to understand game plan for treatment options. I am looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!

June 27, 2014•Laura A.                                               *****

She gives us the information about the medicines and explains where and what the actual problem which is very well needed for us to get better.

More than 1 year ago•Initials hidden                     *****